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Because His Plan Is Good, Obedience Brings Joy

January 18, 2012

“I confess that I would much prefer to be the missionary with a booming ministry, just as I am glad to be the husband of a loving wife.  But whether blessed with pleasant circumstances or tested by painful trial, the Christian’s final basis for joy remains the same: The confidence that our faithfulness pleases Christ and is used by Him according to His sovereign plan.  Because His plan is good, obedience brings joy to the sincere Christian.”

Larry Crabb, The Marriage Builder, Page 125

Question for Reflection:
How has it been difficult for you to believe God’s plan is sovereign and good even in the face of trial in your life or marriage?

  1. When these words came to me on my smartphone I was doing two things: 1) Feeling sorry for myself that the small church I pastor may not survive, leaving wondering what’s next and how did it come to this after 30 years in ministry. 2) Reading about the new covenant in Hebrews… a better covenant… a better hope through which we draw near to God. That is what life is… drawing near to God, obeying him, and telling others about Jesus our Great High priest through words and deeds of love.

    Thank God I don’t have to pastor a large, successful church to have the joy of the Lord. I learned in the SSD that life is drawing near to the Triune God and knowing him better. Your words today, Larry, brought me back to the real anchor of my soul. thanks

  2. Pastor Syd,

    Thank you so much for you comments. You’re right on! May you truly experience the joy of the Lord.

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