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NewWay Ministries with Dr. Larry CrabbNewWay Ministries, based in Denver, Colorado was formed in 2002 by Dr. Larry Crabb. It was birthed out of the passionate conviction that there is a new way to live made possible by the New Covenant that must become better known.

NewWay Ministries (a non-profit ministry) joins with others excited about spiritual formation and authentic community to help ignite a revolution in how Christians live, think, and relate.

That revolution requires a new paradigm for understanding and living the new way of the Spirit. We need to learn to relate intimately with each member of the Trinity and with each other in ways that stir up our Spirit-implanted appetite for God until it becomes the ruling passion of our lives.

For more information about NewWay Ministries, please visit our web site at:



  1. I always look for Larry Crabb’s entry in Christian Counseling Today. I do not see him in the current edition (Vol. 10, No. 3). Is he okay?

    • Yes, Larry is OK. He’s been leading a School of Spiritual Direction this week, following an event on the 21-23 at the Cove in Asheville, NC. Larry will be leading another SSD in Colorado in October. He’s also been very focused on his writing.

      Thanks for asking! Larry covets all your prayers.

  2. Kathy Falk permalink

    I’m not sure how best to contact Dr. Crabb, but I feel compelled to let him know how much I have profited from the reading of two of his books–The Pressure’s Off and The PAPA Prayer.

    Dr. Crabb, the last ten years of my life have been spent in trying to figure out this Christian life. I was raised in a Christian home, went to Bible School to study theology, and have continued to faithfully attend Bible-centered churches. But at 62 years of age, I feel as though I have wasted so many years!! How did I get it so wrong? Why did I measure God’s approval of me by answered prayer? Why have I struggled with such a sense of being a second-class Christian, incapable of knowing God as others seemingly have?

    These two books have caused a paradigm shift in me which makes me feel like I’m starting over again! Thank you, Dr. Crabb, for your transparency. Thank you for making it all so understandable. Thanks for the repetition which helps to enable me to fully integrate the principles into my mind and heart. I don’t know if you have any critics, but if you do, don’t listen to them! You have given a gift to the church of inestimable value. I have told so many about your books and have just ordered Soul Talk. I’m thinking of leading a class usingThe Pressure’s Off and The PAPA Prayer. Surely there are others who are struggling as I was.

    For quite awhile now I have felt the strongest urge to write you and thank you. Sitting down now to read the last few pages of The PAPA Prayer, I decided that I had to let you know how grateful I am. Though I’m sure you hear from thousands, I have to add my voice in gratitude for your gift to the church.

    One more thing. Do you know the hymn, “My Goal is God Himself”? As I was reading The Pressure’s Off, I kept thinking of it. I memorized it so that it would encourage me when “the way is sometimes dark” or “the cost be ofttimes great”. But I love the first line: “My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace, nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.” Your books brought that message into focus for me.

    Again, thank you. Now I can get back to reading with a clear conscience!

    Kathy Falk
    Knoxville, TN

    • Thank you for you kind words for Larry. Your comments have been sent directly to Dr. Crabb. God bless you as you walk in an intimate relationship with Him!

  3. Elsie Hodgson permalink

    I am reading “Finding God again, lost count foo how many times. I am 80, been a christian for 50 yrs, I still learn from it.I need reality, not religion and Dr Crabb is the one to help me affirm what the Spirit is saying to me. My 52 yr old son died of cancer 3yrs ago, it has been hard but I belong to a covenant keeping God who provides such counsel through these books, I read the Pressures off after Christoopher died. A life saver. Bless you all for the team yhoou are.

  4. Walt Hamilton permalink

    Am I missing something? How do I find a post on a specific subject? It is especially frustrating when posts are tagged, but there is no way to search either in the text of posts, or to search the tags.

    • As our site is growing in size and content, we’ve recognized the need to add a search function. That will be coming soon.

  5. Tammi Bennett permalink

    I just read my first book by Dr. Crabb, Papa Prayer. I have been searching for how to have a closer relationship with God, the father, son, and holy spirit, and am so thankful for his teaching in the book. I want to help my 3 children, (9, 11, 13) learn this concept at an earlier age than I did. What does Dr. Crabb do to encourage this in his grandchildren? Does your ministry have resources for youth?

  6. Bonnie Brown permalink

    My husband and I have read many of Dr. Crabb’s books and have been blessed, inspired and challenged. We would love to attend a church in our area that supports Dr. Crabb’s views on God and His word. We live in Costa Mesa CA 92626. Can you please give us some ideas. We would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

    Bonnie Brown

  7. Gruesse dich Larry von Paraguay. Ich lese deine Buecher und habe vieles dazu gelernt .
    Gott segne dich weiter machen.
    (Trans: Greetings to you Larry from Paraguay. I read your books and learned a lot. God’s blessings upon you.)

  8. Danielle vd Geest permalink

    How to help a 16 years old boy, so depressed and cutting himself. Grown up in a Nice warm christian family ?

    • Can your pastor recommend a Christian counselor in your area? This sounds like a situation where a professional christian counselor may well be needed. Being surrounded by people who love unconditionally, not critically, would benefit him (in my opinion).

  9. Danielle vd Geest permalink

    How to help my brother in law who is manisch depressed? I can not find a christian helper, only not christian doctors that gives medicins. I believe God knows more but i don’t know how to help.

  10. Dear Servant of God,
    I am thankful to you for your information from your website, and it’s very strengthening to me. I am very interested to learn many more things from you, not only I am but with me co-pastors also would like to learn. My humbly request to you is that if you come and teach among all of us it’s very useful to teach face to face it’s very useful in our ministry also. If you would like to give time and dates as you wish here we will arrange for you all the works. Here we are eagerly waiting for your good news. Not only the bible classes when you will come here we will visit tribal area church, orphans children home and gospel meetings. We shall be looking forward to hearing from you with more regards.
    In Christ
    Pastor Philip Omare

  11. Ricardo Wieler permalink

    I’m a young man, got married the first of August this year and occasionally serve in preaching the word. I am preparing a sermon and got to read your book: The Silence Of Adam and am so touched by the wise words… Praise the Lord!
    I was wondering if you never wrote a book to women (mothers and sisters)?
    If so I would really like to know the title to read it as well.
    God bless you!

    • Hi Ricardo,
      I’d suggest you take a look at “Fully Alive” by Larry Crabb. Dr. Crabb speaks to both men and women specifically in “Fully Alive” and also has the Gender Question Study Guide. There’s a lot more information about the book at: May God bless you and your bride with a long, fulfilling marriage that honors Him!

  12. Hello Dr Larry,

    My name is Abigail. Today I heard you on focus on the family. It was so encouraging. You see,I’ve struggled with the Why questions my whole life. I have been unable to talk for 22 years now and that’s because a doctor misdiagnosed me at age 3 with Rocky Mountain spotted fever causing me to have brain damage. It hasn’t always been sunshine and roses. There have been deep depressing days. But I’m so thankful God is the God of all comfort and He is always there through every trial I face. I have a blog I hope it will be encouraging to you. I’ll probably never understand why God allowed this to happen in my life. But I do know that my life has impacted others and I can say like Paul,”I am what I am….yet not I but the grace of God.”

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