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That’s The Dance You Can Enjoy

“The center of the good news is that you can know My Son and by My Spirit enter into the relationship My Son and I enjoy….[Y]ou are now empowered to serve My kingdom, to relate as We relate within the Trinity. That’s the dance, the dance you can enjoy in measure now and will fully enjoy forever when My Son returns and heaven’s kingdom fills the earth. That’s the good news.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, 66 Love Letters, Page 207

Questions for Reflection:
• When you talk about the Gospel, what kind of “good news” usually come to mind?
• Do you tend to think of forgiveness of sin and heaven instead of hell?
• Is your first thought of having God bless you, comfort you and answer your prayers?
• Or is your focus on becoming part of a relationship with the triune God, one in which you can give Him pleasure by enjoying and revealing Him to others by the way that you love unselfishly?
• Ask the Holy Spirit to deepen your gratitude for the fullness of the good news of God’s redemptive work through Jesus.

Movement Toward Holiness

“The passion to obey, excited by the Holy Spirit who is our new power, translates into a passion to give whatever the Spirit rouses in us to others so that they will be further stirred to obey our Lord.

We actually present Christ to each other when we freely offer whatever is most spiritually alive within us. The result is movement toward holiness, in both parties.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Becoming a True Spiritual Community, Page 140

Questions for Reflection:
• Can you remember a conversation that you’ve had with someone who went beyond empathy or encouragement to leave you so deeply in love with Jesus that you longed to follow Him more obediently?
• Ask the Holy Spirit to give you an awareness today of the opportunities you have to stir up love for God in those around you.

A Deep Desire To Be An Instrument Of God

“In its most mature form, obedience is a matter of relating well, of giving to others what is best for them without any thought of the price it requires of us. When we spend time together with spiritual friends indwelt by the same power, we experience a deep desire to be an instrument of God, to inflame the passion to obey in others.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Becoming a True Spiritual Community, Page 139-140

Questions for Reflection:
• When you think of obeying God, is loving others unselfishly what tends to come to mind?
• As you ponder the reality that obedience can involve being God’s instrument to stir up a love for God in others, in what ways is the Holy Spirit at work in your own heart?

God Supplies The Power To Make It Possible

“In the New Covenant, along with the ever-present forgiveness, we’re provided with a new power. We want to worship, to trust, to grow, and when it’s clear that we should do this and not that, God Himself supplies the power to make it possible. We’re empowered to obey. We begin to experience a passion to obey.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Becoming a True Spiritual Community, Page 139

Questions for Reflection:
• In what areas of your life are you aware of the Spirit stirring a desire to trust and to grow in obedience?
• Where do you feel defeated by patterns of sin?
• Regarding those areas of habitual sin, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what blocks your heart from being deeply aware of the passion and power to follow Him in obedience.
• Spend some time thanking God for the grace of His forgiveness and ask Him to deepen your desire to become like Him.

Spirit Of Entitlement, Or Liberating Gratitude?

“Be open to My Spirit. He intends to use your emptiness to reveal the corruption of your proud demand for fullness. That demand justifies your refusal to love others until you feel loved yourself. When your emptiness reveals your spirit of entitlement, that void will become a space within you that longs for My Son on His terms. And brokenness over your demand for satisfaction on your terms will slowly be changed into liberating gratitude for what you see more clearly as amazing grace.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, 66 Love Letters, Page 269

Questions for Reflection:
• How is a felt emptiness in your life exposing a demanding spirit in your heart?
• What kind of person do you really long to be?
• Celebrate the reality that, in this gap between the vision of the person you desire to be and the ways that you fall short of living that out, you are fully known and loved by God because of Christ.
• Offer yourself to Him, opening your heart to hear and follow His Spirit today.

We Can’t Make Life Work – But The Pressure’s Off

“We can’t make life work – but the pressure’s off. Disillusionment has changed us. We no longer want life to work as much as we want Him.

A way has been opened, the New Way of the Spirit, for us to come to Him – and dance.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, The Pressure’s Off, Page 108

Questions for Reflection:
• What experiences in your life have disillusioned you about finding deep satisfaction in this world and have opened your heart to desiring God most of all?
• How has Jesus’ death and resurrection removed the barriers to finding God in the midst of your own failures and life’s disappointments?
• Take a moment to thank Jesus for opening the way to the Father through the cross, and invite the Holy Spirit to lead you into the celebration of God’s glory today as you relate to those around you.

Only The Kindness Of God

“Only the absolutely unique kindness of God, revealed most fully when He died for people who hated Him, will draw selfish people toward genuine love.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Understanding Who You Are, Page 68

Questions for Reflection:
• Much is said in our culture about God’s love, but does it match the love revealed through Jesus on the cross?
• As you ponder the love of God expressed in your life, how has His kindness, in the face of your selfishness, drawn you to Him?
• How does it woo you toward wanting to reveal Him to others?l
• What would expressing His redemptive love to someone with whom you’re currently frustrated look like?


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