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Spirit Of Entitlement, Or Liberating Gratitude?

“Be open to My Spirit. He intends to use your emptiness to reveal the corruption of your proud demand for fullness. That demand justifies your refusal to love others until you feel loved yourself. When your emptiness reveals your spirit of entitlement, that void will become a space within you that longs for My Son on His terms. And brokenness over your demand for satisfaction on your terms will slowly be changed into liberating gratitude for what you see more clearly as amazing grace.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, 66 Love Letters, Page 269

Questions for Reflection:
• How is a felt emptiness in your life exposing a demanding spirit in your heart?
• What kind of person do you really long to be?
• Celebrate the reality that, in this gap between the vision of the person you desire to be and the ways that you fall short of living that out, you are fully known and loved by God because of Christ.
• Offer yourself to Him, opening your heart to hear and follow His Spirit today.

We Can’t Make Life Work – But The Pressure’s Off

“We can’t make life work – but the pressure’s off. Disillusionment has changed us. We no longer want life to work as much as we want Him.

A way has been opened, the New Way of the Spirit, for us to come to Him – and dance.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, The Pressure’s Off, Page 108

Questions for Reflection:
• What experiences in your life have disillusioned you about finding deep satisfaction in this world and have opened your heart to desiring God most of all?
• How has Jesus’ death and resurrection removed the barriers to finding God in the midst of your own failures and life’s disappointments?
• Take a moment to thank Jesus for opening the way to the Father through the cross, and invite the Holy Spirit to lead you into the celebration of God’s glory today as you relate to those around you.

Only The Kindness Of God

“Only the absolutely unique kindness of God, revealed most fully when He died for people who hated Him, will draw selfish people toward genuine love.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Understanding Who You Are, Page 68

Questions for Reflection:
• Much is said in our culture about God’s love, but does it match the love revealed through Jesus on the cross?
• As you ponder the love of God expressed in your life, how has His kindness, in the face of your selfishness, drawn you to Him?
• How does it woo you toward wanting to reveal Him to others?l
• What would expressing His redemptive love to someone with whom you’re currently frustrated look like?

NewWay Ministries Prayer Initiative

To Our Friends,

Thursday Larry had the TACE procedure (thru the groin, insert a chemo filled needle into the lesions) to kill the three new cancer lesions in his liver.   Dr. Stangl, the interventional radiologist, informed us in the pre-op room that he was adding on a chemo procedure to kill off the feeding source to the growing lesion, if it was treatable… and it was!!!  Also, another big plus was that Larry was feeling good before the procedure, we were grateful because the last 3 weeks he hasn’t had many, if any, good days.  We’ve had several ER visits in the last three weeks and are looking forward to getting those episodes behind us for awhile.  As the doctor said, “We can treat you, but we’ll never cure you”.

Thanks for the prayer support, notes and those of you who came by the hospital for support.  As you, who have journeyed with us the past 18 years; know Larry’s 1st thing prayer is that he will put God on display with how he handles this.  A second thing prayer we’d ask is that he won’t have such a quick reoccurrence of the cancer.  This last bout started 9 months after the March 4, 2014 TACE procedure, each episode having less time between occurrences.

Larry’s year has been very busy (SSDs, Next Step, completing a book, NCS, teaching at CCU, Richmont, etc.) and the rest of the year will continue to be busy with SSDs, a Next Step and more teaching at Richmont.  Larry and I had planned to go to Canada together as a way to celebrate his birthday and for me to be on the TV program, 100 Huntley Street, on the 14th to talk about Listen In, the new book by me co-authored with Sonya Reeder and Diana Calvin. Obviously our plans for a Toronto get-away have changed, I will go by myself and we’ll do the birthday thing later. We are so blessed to have each other these 49 years and even more so with the cancer situation.  I’ll add here that I, Rachael, am scheduled to be at Belmont College in Nashville to speak in chapel on September 16th.

So many people are having health situations; A, P, T, S, J, K, R, C, D,.  Also family situations: J,C, M,W,A,R  New Normal: B,B, A,J,M,H  and so many friends with unspoken concerns.  As a class Larry had in grad school, epistemology, asked the question, “how do you know what’s going on in another?”  Answer: after all, we’re all pretty much alike.  Reminds me of Scripture saying, “Weep with those who weep, rejoice with those who rejoice” and to add my bit—-because we’re all pretty much alike.

The best is yet to come.

 Rachael, for the little team on behalf of Larry

The Narrow Road That Will Free Us

“Self-obsessed men and women foolishly demand from others what only God can give, what God longs to give.  We then realize, as God’s Spirit works in us, that our way of relating leaves us empty and is unspeakably ugly.  If we then confess ourselves to be hopeless and helpless in the presence of a holy and merciful God, we begin our walk on the narrow road that will free us to live as feminine women and masculine men.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Fully Alive, Page 181

Questions for Reflection:
• Consider areas of relational conflict or distance that you are currently experiencing.
• Are there ways you’ve been demanding from others what only God can give?
• How have you resisted receiving from God what He Himself longs to provide for you?
• Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the ways your demands have impacted the hearts of the those around you.
• What do you most want to offer God and those around you?

To Our Friends, Time For A Health Update

NewWay Ministries Prayer Initiative

To Our Friends,

Time for a health update. First, a sincere thanks for the rich encouragement your concern and prayers have been to Rachael and me, and to our family. THANK YOU! I value prayers for my health, of course; but I even more value prayers that God’s Spirit would do His work that will allow me to welcome whatever comes as an opportunity to reveal Christ’s sustaining grace in my inner being, and to display Christ’s never compromised love no matter the circumstances.

Rachael and I saw the interventional radiologist on 7/1. After providential input from Dr. Rick (a student at SSD #58), a Cleveland Clinic’s oncological surgeon (a friend of a medical friend of our younger son Ken), and a nurse who assists in the procedures I’ll be having (Ken and his wife Lesley met her in Lisbon, Portugal at an insurance conference), I was able to ask intelligent questions of my guy, Dr. Stangel. I share all that to let you know we sensed God’s hovering presence.

We’re confident in the decision to spray the 3 cancerous legions on my liver with chemo through a catheter – non-invasive, light anesthesia, and I go home within 24 hours with no or limited residuals, good to go without the rather miserable symptoms (weary, vomiting, feeling rundown, etc… enough said) for a year, maybe more. Likely the same procedure on an as needed schedule. Another option (ablations burning the legion with catheter delivered heat) involves risk because the largest legion is too near the heart; bleeding there could result.

Strange how my sick spells interfered only a little with my ministry activities. My guess? God had something to do with that. Again, Rachael and I plus family are grateful to our Lord and confident that His plan is not off course. And again to each of you, a deeply sincere thank you for your felt support in love and prayer.

Warmly in Christ,


What’s Your Basis For Joy and Meaning In This World?

“God went to great lengths to insure our eternal wholeness and joy. But we dishonor His love when we take on the responsibility to arrange our experience of personal well-being, to look to the good things of life and good treatment from others as the basis for our joy and meaning in this world. His call is clear. We are to entrust our well-being to God while we live to reveal Him to others by the way we relate as men and women.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Fully Alive, Page 195

Questions for Reflection:
• In what ways have you been focused on arranging life for your own sense of well-being?
• Is there something specific that God is asking you to release to Him, to allow Him to care for you as only He can?
• What makes it difficult for you to trust God’s heart for you?
• Take some time to confess the ways you cling to a life you can manage on your own terms.
• Thank Him for the fulness of His provision for you, with all of the freedom and rest He offers!


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