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Replace Self-Protective Manipulation With Vulnerable Obedience

February 4, 2015

“A civil war unknown before conversion breaks out afterward: the flesh and the Spirit do battle. Flesh (human beings living according to their own ideas about how to find life) stands in absolute contrast to spirit (human beings entirely dependent on God for life). The work of repentance is (1) to identify those interactions with life in which protection from personal pain is a higher priority than obedience to God, and (2) to replace self-protective manipulation with vulnerable obedience.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Understanding People, Page 166

Questions for Reflection:
• Think of someone with whom you are experiencing conflict. In what ways has protecting yourself from pain been the primary motivation for your words or actions?
• Bring your fears and hurt before the Lord, and ask Him to give you His perspective on the conflict.
• Is there any greater vision that you desire for this situation more than winning an argument, justifying your choices, being liked or avoiding pain?

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  1. KIM SU JIN permalink

    Amen! God loves vulnerability and, now I finally beginning to understand it… 🙂

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