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When God’s Ways Make No Sense Available Now

When God's Ways Make No Sense Available Now!


Resist, Deny Or Trust?

“When God’s ways make no sense, will we resist and run? Will we distort and deny? Or will we tremble and trust?”

Dr. Larry Crabb, When God’s Ways Make No Sense, Chapter 4, “Tremble and Trust (The Response of a Discerning Soul),” page 80—Now Available!

Questions for Reflection:
• What areas of confusion do you currently grapple with in your life?
• How do you respond to those mysteries?
• Does that response generally draw you into a deeper trust in God and kindness toward others?
• If not, stop and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the ways that you may be resisting Him or filtering Scripture so that it meets your agenda instead receiving true revelation of God’s nature.

There’s Meaning To Be Found

“If I believe that God is good and I am free, then I can move through the ups and downs of life with hope – there is meaning to be found. Goodness is greater than badness. There’s reason for cheer.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, FINDING GOD, Chapter 15 “Darkness Before Light” Page 155

Questions for Reflection:
• What tends to drain your hope?
• What kinds of conversations do you have with God when hope feels out of reach?
• Since God is good and is always at work to redeem, what choices can you make today that reflect His character and your freedom to display His goodness?

Moving Into Dangerous Uncertainty

“God calls us to move beyond the silence of Adam. We are to abandon ourselves to God with absolute confidence in his goodness; and with the freedom created by that confidence, we are to move into the depths of dangerous uncertainty with a life-giving word. That kind of movement might be something as simple as encouraging a child by giving extra attention, or something as terrifying as giving your heart where it may not be wanted.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Men of Courage, “Authentic and Inauthentic Men” Page 119

Questions for Reflection:
• What intentional action of trust or kindness can you make this week toward those God has placed in your life?
• If your primary desire is to walk faithfully with God, how does that shape the things to which you say “yes” or “no” this week?

Living Imperfectly But With Holy Vision

“God is telling a story, a story full of life, love, and grace, a story of hating evil and honoring good, a story rich in drama, poetry, and passion. As we see his story told through our lives, we find the courage to handle the inevitable confusion of life. We find the strength to move ahead, to take risks, to relate deeply, because we are caught up in the larger story of God.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Men of Courage, “Authentic and Inauthentic Men” Page 118-119

Questions for Reflection:
• What areas of your life bore or frustrate you?
• How do you usually respond to that boredom or frustration, and what impact does that have on your relationships?
• What changes is God calling you to make to engage ALL of your life’s story in a way that honors the magnificence of the larger story He is telling?
• What is the long term cost if you lose this eternal vision while you deal with daily demands?
• What is gained by living imperfectly but with holy vision?

Strength of Christ

“God calls a man to speak into darkness, to remember who God is and what He has revealed about life, and – with that memory uppermost in his mind – to move into his relationships and responsibilities with the imaginative strength of Christ.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Men of Courage, “Authentic and Inauthentic Men” Page 118

Questions for Reflection:
• What do you currently avoid, feeling ill-equipped to handle relationally?
• What frightens you or feels “too much” for you?
• Share those thoughts with God honestly, but then ask Him to reveal to your heart the reality of His relationship with you that can transform how you respond to the things you currently want to avoid.

Vast Throngs Of People

“Imagine what it would be like if our Christian communities were made up not of experts and ordinary folks but of elders and disciples: elders, men and women who know God well (who would insist, of course, that they barely know him, but who would observably live to know him better); and disciples, vast throngs of people whose hearts have been stirred by the possibility of actually knowing Christ, a possibility they see lived out in the lives of the truly mature. If reformation is to come, it will come through elders, not experts.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Men of Courage, “Authentic and Inauthentic Men” Page 47

Questions for Reflection:
• When you are struggling, do you tend to look for a “spiritual expert” or for a person whose relationships reveal the love and truth of Christ?
• When life is going well, do you tend to seek to be an expert or is your life marked by humble gratitude for God’s faithfulness?
• When are you most prone to seek an “expert” and what do you hope to gain from that person?
• In what circumstances are you most prone to present your expertise rather than to serve those around you unselfishly?