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We’re A Community Of Well-Meaning Fixers

August 8, 2019

“We’re a community of well-meaning fixers. We therefore lead more with our mouth than with our ears. We never get around to thinking story. We’re too busy fixing whatever we see, with little or no awareness of the ugliness staining our attitudes and our real impact on others.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, SoulTalk, Chapter 12, “Reach into the Soul through a Person’s Story,” pg 163

Questions for Reflection:
• This week, when you’ve heard difficult news or someone shared about a personal struggle, have you responded first with words or by listening with genuine curiosity?
• What drives your choice of response?
• What do you really most want to offer those around you in the midst of troubling times?
• How would seeking to hear the story God is telling relieve the human demand to generate quick solutions?

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