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Two Stories Being Told: One By Satan, One By God

January 30, 2019

“You are on the narrow road if you are keenly aware that two stories are being told in every minute of every day, one by Satan and one by God. Travelers on the narrow road sense the appeal of both stories, too often with a stronger attraction to the wrong one. But they prayerfully discern which story is which and to what end each story is leading. As the Holy Spirit works, they get wind of the stench of Satan’s relationship-deadening but attractively disguised story and they catch the fragrance of God’s relationship-building and attractively demanding story. And they increasingly come to understand what it means to tell the story their redeemed hearts most long to tell by how they relate.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, A Different Kind of Happiness, “The Answer: To What Question?” pg 222

Questions for Reflection:
• What was it about God’s story that first drew you to follow Him?
• How has He drawn you nearer to Himself throughout your relationship with Him?
• When have you gotten “comfortably” stuck or sidetracked, and why?
• Take some time today to allow the Holy Spirit to renew your desire to live intimately with Christ, especially in the way that you interact with those around you.

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