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Vast Throngs Of People

May 30, 2018

“Imagine what it would be like if our Christian communities were made up not of experts and ordinary folks but of elders and disciples: elders, men and women who know God well (who would insist, of course, that they barely know him, but who would observably live to know him better); and disciples, vast throngs of people whose hearts have been stirred by the possibility of actually knowing Christ, a possibility they see lived out in the lives of the truly mature. If reformation is to come, it will come through elders, not experts.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Men of Courage, “Authentic and Inauthentic Men” Page 47

Questions for Reflection:
• When you are struggling, do you tend to look for a “spiritual expert” or for a person whose relationships reveal the love and truth of Christ?
• When life is going well, do you tend to seek to be an expert or is your life marked by humble gratitude for God’s faithfulness?
• When are you most prone to seek an “expert” and what do you hope to gain from that person?
• In what circumstances are you most prone to present your expertise rather than to serve those around you unselfishly?

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