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Until Then…

May 23, 2018

“…We must remember: we live in a fallen world. Neither evil, famine, disease, nor hardship should surprise us. But too often we are surprised that God does so little to make things better. Many prayers for healing and protection go unanswered. And we tremble. Confidence in the goodness of God and the story He is telling must be rooted in Christ’s promise to make everything new (Rev. 21:5). Until then, we trust He is doing good in us and through us.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, When God’s Ways Make No Sense, Coming Soon!! To be released in July, 2018!

Questions for Reflection:
• How does the tension between the life you long for and the life that you actually experience impact your relationship with God?
• What anchors you in the truth of God’s good character when pain or disappointment threaten to distort your ability to see Him clearly?
• Take some time to consider both the joys and struggles of today in light of the promise that God is even now at work to one day reveal all things made new.
• As you wait, offer yourself His Spirit, to be part of the good plan that He is unfolding.

One Comment
  1. Yes,the confusion comes when we question the goodness of God. During these times it feels like, “if you are living in me, why is there so little evidence of your power and strength?” But that is where the faith part comes in to play. Thank you for your blog and all of your writing! I look forward to your new book!

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