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On A Journey…From Fear To Faith

May 9, 2018

“Habbakkuk was utterly unsettled by God—twice. Jonah responded to God’s disturbing ways by taking off without saying a word to God. Habakkuk stayed in relationship with God and made his feelings known. Unlike Saul, Habbakkuk knew that when he and God had differing opinions on how best to deal with a bad situation, he needed to be quiet and listen to God. His rejoinder to God when God’s ways unsettled him led him on a journey I want to take, from fear to faith. The end of his recorded story reveals a man who quivered and trembled over how God did things but unbendingly trusted God’s goodness whatever He was up to.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, When God’s Ways Make No Sense, Coming Soon!! To be released in July, 2018!

Questions for Reflection:
• Is there anything you’re currently avoiding talking to God about because you’re upset with what He’s allowing in your life?
• Are you building a case in your mind, trying to convince God to cooperate with your perspective?
• Take some time today to sit quietly in God’s presence and to allow His Spirit to search your heart and to invite you into a deeper confidence in Him.

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