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NewWay Ministries Prayer Initiative

March 13, 2018

Dear Prayer Warriors;

So sorry for the long silence from the Little Team. We had hoped to get out a Christmas and New Year Greeting, but on the evening of November 12th I fell off a ladder, broke my dominate wrist and tore my rotator cuff in my shoulder, which abruptly put an end to my tennis career – no Wimbledon this summer. Larry has been great – helping me with everything – especially preparing Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks later. Our neighbors have been a blessing as well. We’re making many friends with the people in our neighborhood and, believe it or not, we’re getting involved with community activities to meet more people – Larry and I recently played in the neighborhood newly-wed game and we won – super fun.

My wrist is healing up nicely and I just recently had my torn rotator cuff repaired, which is a neat God story. After not hearing from our shoulder surgeon for 2 weeks after my consultation, we were introduced to one of the top shoulder surgeons in the area by our friend and pastor, Jimmy Kallam after the last of 4 services on a Sunday morning. With only 10 people left in a huge sanctuary, Jimmy called over to Dr. D’Alessandro, introduced us and within minutes I had an appointment with him for Monday morning at 7:40. We schedule shoulder surgery for Feb 27th, the last day that Dr. D’Alessandro was operating in his career – he was retiring Mar. 1st. It’s fun to tell those stories that seem to have Divine intervention – our hearts are filled with gratitude to the Lord for His love. And thank you all who have remembered me in your prayers as we’ve gone through this unfortunate and untimely accident.

Larry’s health report: the end of December he got his first “infusion shot” to attack the lesions mostly in his liver. Within an hour Larry began to badly cramp up (we believe largely due to dehydration). After a stent in the ER to run tests, he was soon feeling better. The next shot at the end of January went more as planned. Two hours later the oncologist office called to tell him there was good news! Normal gastrin numbers are to be 100 or lower and his had risen to 15,000 (not good), but the test numbers after the first shot went from 15,000 to 7,000. Larry seems to be getting great health care. One of the attendees at SSD has the same type of cancer as Larry, she and her husband introduced us to the leading specialist for that rare cancer in Kentucky. Another story written on our heart because in God’s providence Jane and David attended the SSD as we were transitioning our medical insurance from Colorado to North Carolina.

Since our last correspondence we have spent quality time with Ken and Lesley’s family, enjoying dinners, concerts and sporting events of our three granddaughters. Larry has completed SSD 68 and a NextStep this past year. We’ve traveled a lot: CS Lewis Conference in the UK, cooking school in Boston for Kiera’s 12th birthday, 20 weeks in the past year visiting with friends and family as well as a few medical appointments still in Colorado.

All our SSD Spiritual Directors have been busy as well. Kent and Karla have become grandparents 2 times in a month with a granddaughter named Alana from their son Kal and his wife, and a grandson named Clark from their daughter Kate and her husband. They continue to minister in Warsaw, Indiana. Paul and Maribeth faithfully minister to missionaries with Barnabas International and are just getting off a much needed three-month sabbatical. Trip and Judy were able to spend time with them in Florida for several weeks. Anthony has taken a position as a Hospice Chaplain and helps the ministry develop course curriculum study guides. Tom and Jenny continue to serve as a fulltime counselor in Denver and are still a part of our small group via facetime. Sonya and David also became grandparents last month, son Chase and wife had a girl, Ellery. Sonya continues her busy counseling practice in Longview, TX. Andi and Chad have opened 2 more ViIVE Float Studios and she is presently working on a few more. She continues to direct the day to day operations of NewWay and we miss living close to her. Kep and Kimmie continue developing LargerStory and are planning on an early summer launch. We are schedule to capture the SSD materials on camera this April. Please remember Larry in your prayers as he prepares for this project – we’re excited to see what the Lord does with LargerStory as we move forward. Our hearts are full of the Love of God as we think about God’s provision for NewWay Ministries.

Here are some additional prayer requests concerning Larry and the ministry:

  • Larry just got back from teaching at Richmont Graduate School Mar. 2-5 (a close friend Jeanni Shepherd came through Charlotte to help me get organized while Larry was away – very grateful to Jeanni for that time!
  • We will be in Scottsdale AZ March 10-18 – Larry will be speaking at Scottsdale Bible Church.
  • The April 10-13 SSD video project – pray for Larry’s health and strength during this big project shoot.
  • In May Larry speaks in California at a conference for CEO’s.
  • End of May Larry does SSD 69 at The Billy Graham Training Center in Asheville, NC.

Most of the SSD’s will be held close to us here in NC given Larry’s health concerns. Also, The Cove in Asheville is a wonderful place to hold the SSD time and continues to remind us all of what an incredible impact Billy Graham had during his time with us here.

The Gospel has been presented so powerfully in these days since Dr. Graham went HOME! What a powerful witness even in death! God’s love written on our hearts as we Christians get to talk freely about our faith, especially in these weeks following Billy’s homegoing.

We get prayer requests and concerns from so many of you and know as soon as they come through our office we pray on the spot. So many other home-goings of friends and relatives since April when we last touched base… and so many second things that sometimes seem like first things – health, job, kids, marriage, relationships… He said, “I come to make all things new”.

There are many Bible verses attributed to Dr. Graham this week as comfort, but I want to leave you with the one from the funeral invitation: “But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.” Acts 20: 24 ESV – definitely a first things prayer and may we all testify to the gospel of the grace of God.

So many of you have asked where the prayer initiatives are and once I get my wrist/shoulder healed up, I will try to do a more faithful job on this letter. (Thanks, Rosanne for your help).

Rachael for Larry and the little team

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  1. Janet Trenda permalink

     Thanks for the updates!!  I will be praying for both of you-Janet Trenda

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