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Soul Formation Is Essential

February 28, 2018

“…In God’s thinking about what matters most and in His way of carrying out His thought, ministry (as we commonly understand the term to mean doing something for someone else) is vital. But ministry loses life-changing power when it flows from a soul not committed to ongoing formation. Soul formation in individual persons is essential for deep work in others. That thought leads to another: missional work is designed to be the overflowing of formational work. Ministry to others gains power as the Spirit ministers His soul-forming work in us.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, When God’s Ways Make No Sense, “Resist and Run (When Doing Wrong Feels Right)” Coming Soon!! To be released in July, 2018!

Questions for Reflection:
• When you spend time in Bible study in preparation for ministry, do you tend to seek information to share with others or to meet with and see more clearly the One Who has chosen to share His very life with you?
• How has knowing Jesus changed You in ways beyond moral principles?
• Does this ignite hope in you to share with others, or do you sense the Spirit inviting you to more of Christ than you’ve been settling for?

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