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When Christians Hear God’s Call

February 7, 2018

“When Christians, properly settled on the plan of salvation in Christ, hear the call of God on their lives, something deep in their souls is disrupted. When Christians hear God’s call, not simply to a specific ministry or to a moral lifestyle or to theological study, but to become a certain kind of person whom no one can ever fully become this side of heaven, a battle begins. The journey finds its way onto a narrow road.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, When God’s Ways Make No Sense, “A Christian’s Response to an Incomprehensible God” (Coming Soon!! To be released in July, 2018!)

Questions for Reflection:
• When you think of “God’s call” on your life, do you typically think of that as the call to become like Jesus in the way that you relate?
• What do you sense the Holy Spirit disrupting in your soul currently to draw you into the journey of learning to love like Jesus does?

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