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The Battle God Calls Us To Enter

November 15, 2017

“The core battle in everyone’s life is to relate well to God, to worship him, enjoy him, experience his presence, hear his voice, trust him in everything, always call him good, obey every command (even the hard ones), and hope in him when he seems to disappear. That’s the battle the community of God is called to enter in each other’s lives.

When we see that battle as the most important one, it changes our approach to dealing with the lesser but still difficult skirmishes in our life….”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Connecting, Page 150-151

Questions for Reflection:
• Where do you see God at work in your life right now?
• What is giving you hope in your struggles?
• When does fear or anger of despair cloud your vision of Him?
•How might sharing that battle – not simply seeking solutions for the circumstances that have stirred your awareness of struggle – with others help you draw near to God?

One Comment
  1. Kenneth I Haysley permalink

    Larry and Rachael, thanks for your many years of faithful ministry, testimony and impact on so many people who desire to know Him more personally and walk the path given. I hope you are finding the medical help needed and strength to continue serving as God allows. Thanks for touching my life, and equipping me with the tools to help others. Hope the family is well and send greetings to Kep and Ken for me.
    In Him, Ken Haysley

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