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What Would Happen?

November 1, 2017

“What could happen if I risked believing that the happiness I most long for is really available in Jesus, not in earthbound blessings that come my way but in the heaven-sent life He gives? What would happen if I staked my entire hope of happiness on God’s love and on the opportunity to love like Jesus? Have I been building the house of my life on sand when Jesus supplied a rock, a solid foundation that will keep my life from collapsing?”

Dr. Larry Crabb, A Different Kind of Happiness, Page 184

Questions for Reflection:
• Take some time to sit quietly before the Lord.
• In the past week, what circumstances have left you stressed, angry or afraid?
• What do those struggles teach you about the areas in which you still resist a deeper abandonment to the life Jesus provides?
• What invitation to trust and follow Jesus is being offered in your relationships today?

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