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Rachael’s Prayer Initiative

April 30, 2017
Dear Prayer Warriors;
This is the third time I’ve had to redo this prayer initiative ….This has NOT been a good week for me; two cars stolen from our home, with robbers even coming in the house to get the key fobs WHILE we were home; losing hours of prayer initiative writing and not getting things completed for future speaking deadlines. We just want to be part of 11 Cor 3:3 where our light from within shines forth so that those who witness us know that Jesus is who He says He is because we treat those around us with love…

With that said -join us if you can!

April 29, 5:15; April 30th 8:15, 9:30 and 11pm Larry will be speaking at our church, The Church at Charlotte on the topic of the Faithfulness of God( he has gotten up to date illustrations with the car situations;

May 15-17 Larry will be leading a seminar at The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove: Counterfeit Christianity: Recognizing False Teaching in Order to Live the True Gospel based on Colossians;

May 18-19 I will be leading a women’s seminar also at The Cove: Love- The Mark of a Christian , John, 1 John, etc. recognizing that Love is mentioned many times but holiness is mentioned more (for more information visit or call 1-800-950-2092.

June; takes us to Colorado for CCU, family and friends. The June 16-23 for our 65th SSD which will also take place at The Cove. Then we take one of our grands to cooking school for her 12th birthday. Trip and Judy will join us for some of that time just like they did when we took Josie to Paris (helped that they speak French);

July; Larry will be doing a plenary and workshop at CS Lewis Oxbridge in Cambridge. (for more information visit

Since moving to North Carolina we have been busy, chaotic, frustrating, etc unpacking, trying to get things settled in NC, selling our Frisco, CO condo in less then 2 days, SSDs, NextStep#10; Medical tests (Larry’s numbers are up -should be 100 or less and are now over 4,000) and 5 mostly small lesions in his liver but they will try something new if his situation changes and the symptoms come back. Pray with us that there is a study on rare cancers taking place at one of the fine teaching med schools here in NC and we can get Larry into one.

Our last visit to CO gave Larry another opportunity to do a legacy piece, the book of Numbers, videoed at our CO church, 1st Presbyterian of Golden—what a fine group of servant friends. Legacy pieces are under the direction of Kep and a group of associates who have formed a ministry named The Larger Story(specifically started to carry on the legacy of Larry and folks from IBC, SSD, and NewWay with Larry’s fingerprints all over it.) Look for more info about The Larger Story in the coming months.

Andi and Chad are continuing on with their dream of the salt float studio, VIVE Float Studio, in Frisco and now in Cherry Creek, Denver, CO and Old Town, Chicago, IL. If you are ever that way, be sure to drop in and have a float. Floating in Magnesium does so much for your body-check it out sometime.

Don’t panic-Larry is not retiring but Kep and Andi are looking toward preparing for the future when Larry does retire.

We cherish “hang out” time with our Spiritual Directors: Trip; Maribeth, Paul, Kent, Karla, Anthony, Tom and Sonja. We are grateful for this great group of folks to hang with and minister with.

NEWS: I didn’t lose this email when we got a call from the police saying they found the stolen Sonata, arrested 2 of the 4 and needed us to come about 40 mins from home to collect it. So one car found and another car to go….They said they had been looking for the driver for awhile knowing he was wanted in several areas. We asked why? but they said they couldn’t tell us…They gave us a tip: Never program a garage opener into your car, use your opener and take it with you as you would your keys; always lock your garage door with the slide lever on the side of the garage track; Since that car was new, only 794 miles on it and most of them done by the robbers, most of the things in the car were not ours…including the bullets, a baby bottle lid (how sad), marijuana, new clothes, foreign money, etc…4 hours later we’re home and I want to say good night.
We thank our God upon every remembrance of YOU,

Rachael, for the little team-Larry, Kep, Andi and me
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  1. Janet Trenda permalink

    Rachel, my first thought is- I’m so sorry! My second is: God must have amazing plans for you guys – for the enemy to be working so hard!!! I pray for peace that passes understanding.

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