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Scholarship Funds Available

February 27, 2017

Have you or someone you know always wanted to attend a School of Spiritual Direction (SSD) but finances have stopped you/them? We can help… thanks to a kind donor.

We have 3 spots left for this upcoming SSD.

We can help with funding- you just need to coordinate your schedule, pack fast and come prepared to let the Holy Spirit reveal your relational impact on the Larger Story.

Join us next month, March 22-29, 2017 in Ashveille, NC for the School of Spiritual Direction. Email for financial assistance. See below for details…
Do you ever wonder what your ‘relational impact’ is on your family, friends or colleagues? Is it time to consider how you might impact the Larger Story God is telling by the way you relate?  
Join Dr. Larry Crabb next month, March 22-29, 2017 in Asheville, NC for our School of Spiritual Direction. Listen and interact as Larry ‘unpacks the impact’ we can have on others and the Larger Story God is telling through our Holy Spirit inspired relational conversations.
This 7-day intensive will focus on three expressions of impact (among many others) that we should be aware of and the life-giving opportunities we can have on others and God’s Larger Story. If you attend, you will likely leave with:
  • a clear framework for ENGAGING in conversations that spiritually direct others through a biblical framework. Theologically guided and Spirit energized conversations often awaken a hunger to know the Father in life-giving ways, to know the Son with a passion that stirs the longing to make Him known and to know the Holy Spirit in a way that develops awareness of His promptings.
  • an experience of EXPLORING your own life in a safe community in order to discover the life of Christ within you that when released into others brings joy into your soul.
  • ENVISIONING the Larger Story God is telling through all that goes on in your smaller story of everyday living; an understanding of the beauty of God’s love story that draws you to advance its plot by how you love and relate.
In the unfolding of the week, you will become more clearly aware of the core struggle with the flesh still alive in your soul, an awareness that deepens your gratitude for grace and strengthens your motivation to follow Jesus on the narrow road to life.

Pray about attending. Come with the Spirit’s leading and you can expect to experience His redemptive, releasing, re-invigorating work in your mind, heart, and soul. It would be good to meet you. Keep in mind that no previous training, either in theology or counseling, is needed to fully profit from the week. We’re simply looking for committed Christians who want to know the Lord in a way that releases them to impact others for His purposes.

We hope to see you next month,

The Little Team

NOTE: Scholarship funds available-email Andi at  for specifics. CEU’s available upon completion. For additional details or to apply click here.
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