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Blessings, Trials, Healing And Pain

July 28, 2016

“…The gospel of Jesus is good news that is grounded in three phases. It begins with our forgiveness; we literally become sons and daughters in God’s family. It ends when we forever live with God in a community and a city that is good far beyond our ability to imagine. And it centers now in our being spiritually formed in the middle of a seemingly random assortment of blessings, trials, healing and pain – formed to love well, more like Jesus loves.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, A Different Kind of Happiness, Page 46

Questions for Reflection:
• Which of these three phases of the gospel’s gloriously good news do you find it easiest to focus on?
• Which do you struggle with the most and why?
• Take some time to consider how all three – the forgiveness that makes us God’s children, the opportunity in every situation to become like Jesus in how we love, and the coming eternal, perfect community in God’s presence – can impact how you live today.

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