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Health Update and More

June 6, 2016

NewWay Ministries Prayer Initiative

Dear Prayer Warriors,

It has been a long time since we’ve communicated so I’ll start with an update on Larry’s health. We have had some trying times but the symptoms are under control but the spots on the liver require ongoing attention by the oncologist. The doctors have decided to go by symptoms instead of rising numbers before further procedures are given. We have had so many health situations around us and we ask your prayer : Trip, of our little team, has been dealing with unexplained weight lose—please pray for a diagnosis. A, J, L, N, B, T, K, M, E have recently been diagnosed with cancer, or cancer has gotten worse. Others on our list are facing surgery, recovering from surgery or waiting for a diagnosis…I really would like to give you names but some have asked us to not mention them so I honor that by just doing initials.
The next several weeks are a whirlwind-yesterday, Sunday, June 5th , Larry spoke at our church, 1st Presbyterian of Golden, from the book of Ephesians; we have some special events in Ohio the beginning of the week, on to Warsaw the end of the week, briefly see Kent and Karla before they go to a family time elsewhere. Larry will be doing a Bible Conference at Valley Springs Fellowship, Saturday, June 11th and preaching at VSF on Sunday, June 12th. June 16th we go to NC to look over the house we’re building, celebrate our 50th Anniversary and get ready to begin SSD 64 at The Cove with Tom Board and Sonya Reeder as Spiritual Directors. July 13th and 14th Larry speaks at a conference for Xenos Fellowship in Columbus, OH. After a few more 50th Anniversary events Larry and I will go be with friends overseas. Asking prayer for the above, especially the students who will be attending the Cove SSD and stamina for Larry with this heavy schedule.
Many of you will be traveling this summer-vacations; missions trips; retreats; college drop off; conferences. We even have friends opening the Red Dot Coffee Café in Northville, MI. Andi is having an adventure with VIVE Float Studio in Frisco, CO—-if your travels take you either of these places drop in and say NewWay suggested you visit.   Praying that you will be refreshed and you will grow in His grace. I will try to be more faithful in future correspondence…
As Brad says—-For the ONLY cause that matters,

Rachael for the little team
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