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March 8, 2016

Join us in APRIL for a School of Spiritual Direction! 7-day Intensive in North Carolina or Colorado.

Tuition Reduced! NOW $1,595.00 (if needed, additional funding and payment options are available).

A FAST update for those short on time!

OK- so perhaps this email won’t be as fast…but it will be worth the time!

Our two April School’s of Spiritual Direction, taught by Dr. Larry Crabb, have experienced an unexpected drop in attendance. While our June and future schools are nearly sold-out we have several openings left to fill for the April 1-8, Asheville, NC and April 15-22, Colorado Springs, CO dates. With those openings comes a cost to the ministry, we will have to pay both properties for any rooms not used.

With all that said we are in need of students who can pack fast and join us in a few weeks’ time!!! If you or anyone you know (perhaps someone hasn’t been able to attend due to financial reasons) be interested in attending please forward this email to them.

For the first time since 2007 we are offering a $500.00 discount, leaving a total cost of $1,595.00 for lodging, meals and tuition for our 7-day School of Spiritual Direction intensive training. We are also offering payment plans and additional funds if needed.

If you are able to join us and can pay in full we are grateful. If funds are tight here are a few financial options that, with great joy, we are extending to you or someone you know:


If time is on your side but funds aren’t….This is the time to join us.

All of the options below are offered in good faith based on actual needs. We trust that you are applying for financial aid due to a desire to attend and minimal funds.

1) You need financial assistance. A partial gift from NewWay Ministries (amount to be determined by you, currently $500). Remaining amount to be paid in full or over time by you, based on your comfort to repay the funds.

2) You have access to funds over time. NewWay Ministries will pay the entire amount upfront ($2,065.00 includes lodging, meals and tuition), and then we will establish a payment plan based on your comfort to repay the funds over time.

3) You can attend but cannot repay the funds. Please call us directly to discuss what amounts and options might be available.

While this is a brief overview please feel free to call my cell at 303.217.3909 for additional information and personalized financial options.

Please consider joining us with or without financial assistance. Pray that we could fill the empty seats with some very spontaneous students-it will be fun to watch how God moves those individuals into our presence at exactly the right time.

Thank you for your prayers as we attempt to financially handle this well for all involved!

Please call with any questions or pass my name and number off to anyone that might be interested in this last minute blessing. Again my cell is 303.217.3909.

Andi Sigler
Director of Operations and Conferences

More information and application forms at

Special offer page at:


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