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My Son Will Come As A Lamb…

December 16, 2015

“John told people to repent, to change their expectations, to realize that I would empower them to dance to My music while hell’s noise still blared.  I revealed My plan to John, that My Son would come as a Lamb who would forgive their sins before He would roar as a Lion and take over the world.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, 66 Love Letters, Page 202

Questions for Reflection:
• During this Christmas season when it’s so easy to be caught up in busyness or traditions, are there any expectations that you find are being challenged by the Holy Spirit?
• Just as those awaiting the Messiah were surprised at the way He chose to come, are you at risk for missing ways in which Jesus desires to be revealed to you  and through you to others?
• Are there any passages of Scripture that the Holy Spirit is using right now to call you follow Him in new ways?
• Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a fresh vision of the God Who is with us, Who came as a Lamb, Who will come as a Lion!

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