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That’s The Dance You Can Enjoy

August 26, 2015

“The center of the good news is that you can know My Son and by My Spirit enter into the relationship My Son and I enjoy….[Y]ou are now empowered to serve My kingdom, to relate as We relate within the Trinity. That’s the dance, the dance you can enjoy in measure now and will fully enjoy forever when My Son returns and heaven’s kingdom fills the earth. That’s the good news.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, 66 Love Letters, Page 207

Questions for Reflection:
• When you talk about the Gospel, what kind of “good news” usually come to mind?
• Do you tend to think of forgiveness of sin and heaven instead of hell?
• Is your first thought of having God bless you, comfort you and answer your prayers?
• Or is your focus on becoming part of a relationship with the triune God, one in which you can give Him pleasure by enjoying and revealing Him to others by the way that you love unselfishly?
• Ask the Holy Spirit to deepen your gratitude for the fullness of the good news of God’s redemptive work through Jesus.

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