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NewWay Ministries Prayer Initiative

July 14, 2015

To Our Friends,

Thursday Larry had the TACE procedure (thru the groin, insert a chemo filled needle into the lesions) to kill the three new cancer lesions in his liver.   Dr. Stangl, the interventional radiologist, informed us in the pre-op room that he was adding on a chemo procedure to kill off the feeding source to the growing lesion, if it was treatable… and it was!!!  Also, another big plus was that Larry was feeling good before the procedure, we were grateful because the last 3 weeks he hasn’t had many, if any, good days.  We’ve had several ER visits in the last three weeks and are looking forward to getting those episodes behind us for awhile.  As the doctor said, “We can treat you, but we’ll never cure you”.

Thanks for the prayer support, notes and those of you who came by the hospital for support.  As you, who have journeyed with us the past 18 years; know Larry’s 1st thing prayer is that he will put God on display with how he handles this.  A second thing prayer we’d ask is that he won’t have such a quick reoccurrence of the cancer.  This last bout started 9 months after the March 4, 2014 TACE procedure, each episode having less time between occurrences.

Larry’s year has been very busy (SSDs, Next Step, completing a book, NCS, teaching at CCU, Richmont, etc.) and the rest of the year will continue to be busy with SSDs, a Next Step and more teaching at Richmont.  Larry and I had planned to go to Canada together as a way to celebrate his birthday and for me to be on the TV program, 100 Huntley Street, on the 14th to talk about Listen In, the new book by me co-authored with Sonya Reeder and Diana Calvin. Obviously our plans for a Toronto get-away have changed, I will go by myself and we’ll do the birthday thing later. We are so blessed to have each other these 49 years and even more so with the cancer situation.  I’ll add here that I, Rachael, am scheduled to be at Belmont College in Nashville to speak in chapel on September 16th.

So many people are having health situations; A, P, T, S, J, K, R, C, D,.  Also family situations: J,C, M,W,A,R  New Normal: B,B, A,J,M,H  and so many friends with unspoken concerns.  As a class Larry had in grad school, epistemology, asked the question, “how do you know what’s going on in another?”  Answer: after all, we’re all pretty much alike.  Reminds me of Scripture saying, “Weep with those who weep, rejoice with those who rejoice” and to add my bit—-because we’re all pretty much alike.

The best is yet to come.

 Rachael, for the little team on behalf of Larry

  1. Theresa Pinkerton permalink

    I think I may have written before, but I just want Larry to know that his work has hugely influenced my life and my family’s life since I read his first counseling book in maybe 1977. Namely, I appreciate the strong attempt at truth-telling, the humility to change one’s mind after something has gone out in print to the contrary :), and good counseling and wisdom. Thanks, Larry and Rachel. I know it’s team work. 🙂 Your lives reflect God’s glory to many. Theresa Pinkerton, Glendale, AZ

  2. Barry Keller permalink

    Larry and Rachael-we pray the Lord will have mercy. Thanks for your personal touch in my life over the years starting at FAU as the school counselor.

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