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A Fear Of The Wrong God

April 23, 2015

“…Only when I am freed from the fear of losing a relationship will my motivation approach the reality of love….Notice the paradox: To love people, I must be willing to lose my relationship with them. Dependently holding onto anyone or anything but God is, in its final form, idolatry. Idolatry is at root a fear of the wrong god.””

Dr. Larry Crabb, Encouragement, Page 92

Questions for Reflection:
• To whom have you been clinging out of fear or need, instead of enjoying as a gift?
• What are you seeking from them that you don’t trust God to provide?
• Ask the Lord to show you the impact your use of others has had on them.
• How might your relationships change if you depended on God and simply enjoyed those He has placed in your life as gifts?

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