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Only Holiness Brings Joy

March 18, 2015

“Know this: holiness and only holiness brings joy. No problem in your life, whether difficult problems such as disadvantages and loss or agreeable problems such as wealth, can stop My plan. Faith and hope together release love. And love is holiness….no matter how dark the world around you, no matter how difficult the world inside you, My plan overcomes all obstacles to holiness.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, 66 Love Letters, Page 36

Questions for Reflection:
• What disadvantages in your circumstances (a dead-end job, an abusive childhood, academic struggles, racism) have seemed more important to overcome than the battle with self-centeredness in your own heart?
• What shattered dreams have brought such overwhelming pain into your life that it’s difficult to trust God’s goodness and yield to His work to make you like Jesus?
• What material or relational blessings do you enjoy make it easy for you to give with a non-sacrificial generosity that can disguise devotion to your own self-interest?
• Where are you turning a blind eye to others’s needs, needs that would take you beyond your comfort zone, should you choose to respond relationally?

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