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Nothing Happens Without His Permission

December 31, 2014

“Despite corrupt politicians, rampant immorality, economic crises, natural disasters, disease epidemics, and widespread rejection of My Son, He is right now on the throne of the universe. He is moving history, according to My plan. Nothing happens without His permission. Nothing ever has. Nothing ever will.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, 66 Love Letters, Page 375

Questions for Reflection:
• Looking back on this past year with its joys, losses and challenges, in what ways can you see the hand of God at work in your soul and your circumstances?
• What mysteries, disappointments and losses of the year linger in your thoughts, providing an opportunity for you to be still before the Lord and offer Him both the pain and your trust?
• Take some time to allow His Spirit to search and comfort your heart and to give you His vision for growing in Jesus’ likeness and in love for God and others.

  1. Thank you for your heart, mind, and spirit stirring words Larry. They are always a gift to my prayer and meditation time. The blessings of Christ to you in this New Year and in the many years to come, Jocko Younger

    > > >

  2. Mercer Hill permalink

    This is a stretch but I remember someone back in my early studies telling a story of a visitor to the ancient desert fathers. When about to return to his village he asked what he should tell his villagers he had learned. The father said, “Answer only those questions….” and I forget the rest. Cam you help? Cell 689-939-8666, or email. Thank you.

  3. pauline Schrader permalink

    HI,Dr.Crabb…my husband and I have been reading 66 Love Letters…we have been in ministry for 45 years…this book really spoken to us a new look at the word…I would like to know,after writing this book, how it changed your life…it has really opened our eyes to the world around us and how far we are from the truth of God’s Word…

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