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A Dream That Remains Alive

October 29, 2014

“God is always working to make His children aware of a dream that remains alive beneath the rubble of every shattered dream, a new dream that when realized will release a new song, sung with tears, till God wipes them away and we sing with nothing but joy in our hearts.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Shattered Dreams, Page 78

Questions for Reflection:
•  What makes hope difficult for you today?
•  If old dreams are now out of reach, what kind of story do you now dream of your life telling?

  1. David Watkins permalink

    Larry my name is David Watkins. In 1983 you came to Sydney Australia with Dan Allender and took us through your theories and counseling the IBC way. I really want to get in touch with you but unfortunately the web site page designated for email contact is refusing to take my details and pass my request onto you. I wonder if you might send me an email personally to I used to be a pastor in the Sydney Anglican Diocese Yours David Watkins

    • Hi David: Larry is currently immersed in writing and development, and isn’t doing much correspondence while under this current workload. You can send an email to to reach Larry’s assistant.

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