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Jesus Revealed His Highest Dream

August 20, 2014

“Jesus revealed His highest dream for all His followers when in prayer He defined the true abundant life in these words: ‘that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.’ (John 17:3)

The exact center of Christianity is the opportunity it provides to enjoy God, to be more satisfied with Him than with anyone or anything else.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Shattered Dreams, Page 174

Questions for Reflection:
• How have you been defining “abundant life”?
• What might change if you instead embrace the truth that enjoying God above all else is abundant life?

  1. I have never concidered the definition of “abundant life” but after just now seeing this on your site, i do believe and understand this-in part- . I say “understand” because some things one must experience to understand.
    I have been adopted into our FATHERS family now for 34 years and am now begining to understand much about the training of our GOD as i am reading your book “Shattered Dreams”.HE has also allowed me to be involved in a small group study of which Coleman Pratt is the facilitator and Coleman has and continues to learn so much from you and always speaks very well of you and the authenticity is evident to me by his quotes from your books to the body of Christ, the Church, as he teaches us the truth each Sunday morn at Grace Journey Community Church.

    I have never heard a definition of “brokenness” until i read it in your book nor did i know that the gap between desire and reality is suffering. I can so clearly see this in my life as i have also suffered severly over the years as a result of my hearts desire being taken away from me by the enemy as well as a result of my disobedience to HIM. I do understand now, after having read only 8 3/4 chapters of your book, the purpose of my suffering and what our GOD has told me , that HE is going to give me back everything the enemy has stolen from me, is even more solidified. I am not a name it claim it type of guy. I say this based on many things our GOD has told me-i have never heard a voice and some of the things HE has said to me, all being from HIS Word,has been confirmed in different ways a few times imediatley after HE said them,- and on many experiences that have occurred in my life. One of these experiences being the loss of the desire for alchohol 3 years ago and i have been drinking alchohol since the age of thirteen, and now the loss of the desire for powerful drugs, now for two months. I say “loss” but i think you said that it is the desire for our GOD that actually overpowers the desire for other things. Also, HE caused me to start thinking about desires a couple of months before i heard about “Shattered Dreams” and then after thinking about my life and the shattered dreams, shattered dreams of which i am going through right now as well, I saw this book at a worship service about a month ago and after asking our FATHER if there was any group study HE wanted me to attend,I saw the book and knew immeadiatly i needed to learn from your insight. HE also had me read “Inside Out” about 20 years ago while in prison.

    Paul prayed that GOD would bless us with the “spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of HIM” meaning that GOD will give us a revelation about HIMSELF and then give us the wisdom to understand the revelation. HE is giving me the understanding concerning “desires” through your insight brother. I am begining to clearly see the full circle HE has brought me so that i will still get my hearts desire-which has come from HIM-but my desire for HIM, to “know” – = an intimate knowledge, not superficial- HIM is stronger than ANY other desire in my heart. My excitement for my relationship with HIM is overwelming….all and only because of HIS work and HIS plan for HIS servant David. This causes me to be so very excited as the things of our GOD have caused ever since the begining of HIS revelations to me when HE gave me such a strong revelation the moment HE adopted me into HIS family that Jesus Christ was alive that although i do not remember what i was doing at the time , everything stopped and all i wanted to do was go out to my parent house way across town and tell them i knew who Jesus was. From that day on my life got WAY worse. But now today, 34 years later-similar to Ruth huh?- HE continues to ” give me the desires of my heart”, has NEVER left me or forsaken me, and eventually all the enemy stole from me HE will give me back….causing HIM to look good…because, of course, HE IS GOOD !

    Again, i am so excited about my relationship with HIM and i am so thankful to you, my dear brother in Christ, for your relationship with HIM as HE allows and causes you to join HIM in HIS work of strengthening and extending HIS Kingdom ! Thank you Larry !

    May the Lord continue to bless and keep you and your family as we continue to grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ !

    • i do not know a lot about e-mailing. Did you guys recive my comment ?

      • Yes, your comments have been received. Thank you for taking the time to respond. We appreciate you thoughtful reply.

        Dr. Crabb is working diligently with his writing, and for now, is not responding to comments in the blog. He does read through them, and the responses do affect his writing.

      • Thank you very much for your reply. May the Lord continue to bless and keep us all as we continue to grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ !

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