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When Problems Arise

July 9, 2014

“As we live our lives, we will either put ourselves first or we will live for God. And when problems arise, the difference between those two approaches will become especially visible. Either we will devote all our energies to overcoming our difficulties so that we can enjoy life again, or we will be more concerned to trust God in the midst of our problems so that we can better reflect His glory and serve His purposes.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Understanding Who You Are, Page 8

Questions for Reflection:
• Are you currently focused more on securing the life you desire or on revealing God’s glory amid whatever is happening in your circumstances?
• In today’s challenges, what opportunities to worship God and reveal Him to others might be available?
• Share with God (and perhaps with a friend), what you long to see Him do in your heart in the midst of your present situation.

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