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There Is No Other Way To Enjoy My Presence

June 4, 2014

“You are growing up. Your days of naïve worship and shallow but exciting intimacy are over. It is always difficult for a child to become an adult, to draw close to Me as I am.

“You are wrong to demand My cooperation with your understanding of life. Because I love you and because My plans for you are good, I demand your cooperation with Mine. There is no other way to enjoy My Presence.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, God’s Love Letters to You, Page 50

Question for Reflection:
“Think of an area in your life right now that is troubling to your heart. How might you be demanding that God cooperate with your agenda?” (p. 51)

One Comment
  1. keijo permalink

    I am so thankful for joy in every the morning to living with power of God and in the HOly Spirits power in his quard and his help to show us Christ with the wells of living waters and and a manna of heaven to be bless and satisfied in life with grace thanks and bless and joy,keijo sweden

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