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Perhaps We Can Err Less

May 8, 2014

“We make one of two common mistakes in dealing with our selfish urges: Either we pay them too little attention and remain unaware of the danger they pose, or we pay them too much attention and frisk every choice we make for hidden bad motives. If we keep the mirror clean and look into it when the Spirit prompts us to, then perhaps we can err less on either side.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Connecting, Page 104

Question for Reflection:
Which side do you err on?
Why is it important for there to be a balance in how we look at our selfish urges?

One Comment
  1. My counselor(the only man I have ever trusted on earth) gave me 66 love letters. It has changed my life. I want to give my entire life to Jesus. I am confused & overwhelmed. He is speaking to me ALOT! I’ve been following him since 2009, but He must think I am ready for more. My days are mixed with grief & joy! I’m not sure what to do next. Every church I attend doesn’t feel right.

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