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Until A Man Is Humbled

April 9, 2014

“Until a man is humbled by acknowledging the fear that drives him, by admitting to an emptiness he cannot resolve, by realizing that the way he relates impacts no one deeply, and by bowing low in brokenness over how far short he falls of God’s relational design for men, he will spend his life doing much that amounts to little.”

Question for Reflection:
Men fear “weightlessness,” the fear that a man might not have what it takes to deeply impact the soul of another for good. What do you recognize in yourself as you read that statement?
Where does it ring true in your life, or, as a woman, in the life of the men you know?

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  1. Christi Foster permalink

    Thank you for this post. In the past seven months, God has asked me to please move out of the way while He deals with my husband and his addiction. We were married 38 years. We had two sons and one grandson. After my last son who had special needs left the nest, God cleared the deck for me to be totally separate from my family. First my husband moved to a different state after he lost his job, then my youngest son left to try his wings near his father and older brother. Then our house sold and with total peace in my heart, I filed for divorce. This was not easy, but after 30 years of begging for him to love me more than his addiction, I new the end for us was here. God gave me such a strong place to draw from which is so counter to my nature. I am reading your book “Shattered Dreams” at my counsellor’s suggestion. It so spoke to me when you called Porn Addiction a “lesser god.” He has chosen less than what our Lord and Savior created him for. I now live on a ranch in Brenham, TX in a small apartment with such a precious dependence on God. I am actually enjoying not having a permanent home, because I know my life here is temporary and living here makes that so clear. Every day I ask God to give me opportunities to serve Him. He is gracious to do that. I can see His hand in every circumstance that has happened this year. My older son has rejected me and people around me are not comfortable with the way my life looks to them. But in all these situations, God is still God and I grow closer to Him every day. I do experience Joy unspeakable in His presence and His peace in knowing that my dependence is on one who cannot be shaken. Thank you for letting me share and thank you for your ministry.

  2. Joe Hardenbrook permalink

    I am reading this today June 12, 2014 and it was written on my birthday two months ago. The past year has been a journey between feelings of humility and humiliation. On my birthday, the day the blog was written I was asking the question above. Has my life mattered? And what, as I live the end years of my life here on earth, has my life mattered to anyone in anyway that has penetrated the Old Way and moved them into the New Way. Has my life had any weight to it?
    Thanks for the encouragement into deeper intimacy with Jesus as my focus and not on whether my work and life has mattered.

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