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An Update On Larry from Rachael

March 10, 2014

Dear Arm Lifters:

Larry did beautifully with the interventional radiation. Stayed one night in the hospital and didn’t need any pain medicine, in fact they took away the morphine button, Larry even told the nurses NOT to wake him to give a pain shot. He was definitely surrounded by angels: the nurse who gave us all a briefing on the procedure spent ½ hour with every detail as what to expect (the morning after the procedure she came in and said that she recognized the name Larry Crabb—went home and realized that her parents had attended many seminars of his and she had his books ); Phil the RN in prep and recovery googled Larry when he was in the procedure room and excitedly told us that he too was a believer and his daughter was a Christian singer named Rachael Lampa—yes, spelled like my name. Then we get to his hospital room and the nurse on duty was another believer who told Larry that her grandparents took grandchildren, upon graduation, on a mission’s trip. There was a bit of tension in the waiting room with me (Phoebe, Kep, Mimi and Deb were calming) when we were told the procedure would be 1 ½ hr-ish and after 2 ½ hrs with no word I became edgy. Only side-affect to date has been headache and flu-type symptoms-aches and pains in the back and legs. He has a good appetite and fully enjoyed Karen’s meal (two helpings of chicken and rice) and her warm pound cake and confirmed that he is more than cooperative and can follow Fred’s, her physician husband’s, advice: eat as much as you want til gone!! THANK YOU for the prayers, notes of encouragement, and care in general. A vast army rising up, not saying you are dry bones!

This past week has been one of memories. March 1st my brother who died in his own airplane 47 years ago, would have been 80 years old; March 3rd, was the 23th anniversary of Larry’s brother death in the plane at Colorado Springs. Andi sent us a detailed schedule of what’s coming up but I’ll briefly give you a rundown for prayer; March 19–23rd Larry will be at Richmont; I will be at Rock Hill, SC on March 22nd; March 25th–April 1st is a sold out SSD at The Cove with Andi, Larry, Trip, Maribeth and me—a great group of attendees, pray for all; April 2nd–5th Larry will be speaking at Renovare in Houston and I will be attending to meet up with IVP friends. We come home from that and have a wonderful spring Break planned with our grand-girl, Kaitlyn.

Many of you are in our prayers having gotten requests over the past few months…Larry and I not only pray for the weekday prayers who are praying for the book Larry is working on now but for everything that comes to our attention: G, J, V, A,D,T,L,C,JH,P,B,M,K,E—folks getting married; dealing with health situations, including cancers; fertility situations; grief from recent Home-goings of close ones; out of work; and the list goes on and on. Maybe we’re getting old because so many close friends are having health situations? Throughout this latest ordeal we have so enjoyed re-connecting with many we haven’t seen in years—and you live in our town or travel through Denver often ( L and E from teen years, P and J from here, C and T from FL)

Bless you,

Rachael for the “little” team

  1. Connie Wellik permalink

    Praise and continued prayers for progressive recovery and healing.

  2. Frank Tomlinson permalink

    Larry, I have you on my mind more than you could imagine. I have been asking YHWH for many months to provide a way and the time for me to drop by for the pleasure of seeing you. I’m still asking and I’m with you now (in prayer). So many memories of life-changing times for me. Still hoping to drop by real soon. You are precious to me.

  3. Rachel,
    Thank you for these updates; they provide reminders and focus to prayer. I am eager to join you all at the Cove for the SSD in a couple of weeks. I am praying for strength for Larry, and for you.


  4. Nina Roesner permalink

    Still praying for Dr. Crabb. 🙂 His work is needed in this day and age. 🙂

    Love to you,

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