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A Feminine Woman Invites Godly Movement From Others

February 26, 2014

“A feminine woman relates in a way that invites godly movement from others. She neither maneuvers nor manipulates others to control them to get them to relate to her the way she believes they should relate to her. She is feminine to the degree that she remains open in any circumstance even during hurtful treatment from others to embrace whatever godly movement comes her way.”

From The Gender Question, Based on the book Fully Alive by Dr. Larry Crabb
An 11-week DVD Series

Question for Reflection:
Women, what happens in a relational encounter that drives you to close down rather than open up, and to withhold rather than offer relational warmth?
As a man, what happens in you when a woman you are relating to closes down?

One Comment
  1. Caroline permalink

    I usually close down by lashing out, and it is pain that moves me to lash out. In a moment my desire for quick (and shortsighted) revenge can ruin hours of careful relating. I think at my core I don’t really trust God to even up the score, so I take my digs now, while my target is close enough to hit. I am mainly thinking of interactions with my husband of 17 years here, but I know I can be suddenly violent (verbally) in other situations as well.

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