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See His Likeness In Me, Beneath the Mess

December 25, 2013

“I want to be part of a church that will never turn away from me no matter what they see but will turn toward Christ and see His likeness in me, beneath the mess. And I want to do the same for others.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Real Church, Page 118

Question for Reflection:
What stirs in you as you read this?
Have you experienced this kind of love from your brothers and sisters in Christ?
What did that communicate to you?

  1. Wendy Campbell permalink

    Dear Dr. Crabb,
    I feel my life is like yours and I pray a lot for my church and what is not working there. I am a woman so I believe I can not be a leader is changing things. I just picked up “Thinking Spiritually” by John Owen (I have it abridged in english) and I think it will help you to. I know God is hearing our prayers and something dynamic is happening in my lives. My brother-in-law, Ed Murphy meet you last month in the hospital because of injuries to your son, I found out about this today because my sister told me about it after I gave Ed your “66 Love Letters” book for Christmas. I will pray for your son. I know deep spiritual living can happen. Wendy

  2. Cynthia Bankhead - Mailhot permalink

    Hi, Larry………………..I just finished reading Becoming a True Spiritual Community……I always have a highlighter when I read ………………most pages are yellow now! Within a few paragraphs I realized I have been most blessed to have experienced True Community when John Wimber was my pastor in Anaheim , CA. I currently live in New Hampshire( since 2002) ………………….the pain and longing in my heart for true community has been deep ………………I try to explain it to wonderful Christians here but the messiness and lack of focus on their “programs” scares them …so I end up being too radical ……………….. It is funny, actually…..heartbreaking……..I was losing who HE made me to be trying to be accepted by those here who do not understand True Community
    ………..thanks for truth that heals and sets me free…and encourages me to keep being a mystic…….you have breathed life into my spirit, which was gasping for fresh breath! Cynthia

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