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We Demand a Pleasurable Feeling That Eliminates the Ache

September 18, 2013

“We want pleasure that we can control to fill us with joy. But it can’t be done. It won’t happen. Still we try, sometimes with obvious things like pornography, overeating, and money; other times with less obvious things like prestige, competence, or power. We demand a pleasurable feeling that eliminates the ache. But that won’t come till heaven.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Connecting, Page 123

Questions for Reflection:
What are the “less obvious things” that you seek pleasure from?
How has your desire for satisfaction and pleasure played out in your life?

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  1. Kristy permalink

    Pleasure for me is in giving – giving to others, to enrich their lives thru love. I’ve never been a materialistic person, but clearly even ‘giving’ has its motivations. We seek to fulfill ourselves as well; I don’t want my life to be meaningless. I suppose that I need more to ask God what HIS will is for my life – I have sought for many years, prayed and tried many other things, but my calling, my true ministry is Hospice care, giving love and care to the dying; my greatest wish, my deepest desire in serving God is to help to usher out a dying patient in LOVE. And knowing God. My desires are fairly simple, and I honestly feel like I am doing what God has gifted me with. Having said that, I KNOW I need further introspection to open my heart for Him to live in me, to give me (or allow me to find) the burning desire for Him to fill my being, to suffuse me with HIM, so that I am willing to die for Him as Christ died for me…
    None of this is to tout or boast, it is simply to say that with seeking in earnest His will, our Father’s desire for us to glorify Him in our choice, given by Grace of free will, we MUST be willing to take risks, try out different ministries until one fits us like a glove. Like the Holy Spirit washes us in that warm bath of knowing we are in the right place.
    Thank you for this question; I have no doubt that my short-comings in my relationship are not asking God first, not seeking His guidance but relying on my own power in SO many other areas of my life.
    God bless you, Mr Larry!

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