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Two Goals I Pursue Apart From God’s Spirit

July 24, 2013

“Apart from God’s spirit, I am relentlessly determined to reach two goals that my flesh values: to live well according to values I naturally embrace so that my life goes well according to preferences that honor me, and to depend on whatever means are at my disposal and under my control that promise to relieve both discomfort brought on by difficult circumstances and emotional suffering that is occasioned by unmet desires.

“Those two goals never change. They never weaken. They never lose their appeal. Without new life in Christ, I would live my life pursuing those two purposes, and this life would prove to be a living death that ends in dead death–fully conscious but eternally dead.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Fully Alive, Page 157
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One Comment
  1. Seeking to briefly summarize the fleshly goals. 1)A self-satisfying life and 2)A self-dependent life. Or perhaps: Satisfaction for myself and Dependence on myself. Close?

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