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Spiritual Community

April 10, 2013

“Spiritual community first celebrates God, and people secondarily as marvelous opportunities to display God’s grace. It envisions how the Spirit could further reveal the character of Christ through us. It excitedly discerns evidence of the Spirit at work and gently but relentlessly exposes flesh-driven maneuvering. It pours the actual life of Christ into souls, for without that life souls are utterly dead and devoid of value.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Becoming a True Spiritual Community, Page 135

Questions for Reflection:
Are you surrounded by this kind of community?
How has it exposed your “flesh-driven maneuvering”?
How have you grown/changed since that community has been a part of your life?

One Comment
  1. Is it not odd that the spiritual community collectively celebrates God and extends His grace to others through individual decisions rather than a collective decision?

    Further reading:

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