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The Missional Cart Before the Community Horse

April 3, 2013

“I think we sometimes put the missional cart before the community horse. And we are doing it in churches that are truth-hungry and formation-focused. We grasp the truth of the kingdom, and we long to draw closer to God, but then we expend tons of energy on missional activity and pay scant attention to the quality of our relationships.

“I think I know why: it’s easier and more quickly fulfilling to get active in kingdom work than to get along with kingdom citizens. Stay active doing good things in the world, and you won’t need to face the bad things going on in your family and in your own heart. You will be too busy with kingdom work to worry about quality relationships.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, RealChurch, Page 123

Questions for Reflection:
What resonates in you as you read this?
What “kingdom work” are you involved in that perhaps is just a distraction from entering into deeper relationships?

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