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My Job Is To Follow the Spirit’s Movement

January 23, 2013

“My job is to follow the Spirit’s movement, never to try to move people on my own. I am to desire the Spirit’s goal for my troubled friends: not a better marriage, but an aroused appetite for God that could lead to a better marriage. I am to wait for the Spirit to move and then tag along, to walk through doors he opens into their souls, not to insist they see something now and change.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, SoulTalk, Page 241

Question for Reflection:
What is the biggest challenge for you in “tagging along” with the Spirit’s movement?

  1. James B. Colr permalink

    Not knowing him at all!

  2. It reminds me of Henry Blackaby’s book: Experiencing God, where he says rather than asking God to come bless what we are doing, we are to watch and see what He is doing and then go join Him! My biggest challenge is the discipline of “watching” for Him instead of going on ahead. Thanks for the reminder Larry!

  3. Keeping my hands off when the Spirit is moving.

  4. Mark P permalink

    I totally disagree with Mark and Zerrin Oelze. Blackaby’s book was the most discouraging book and discussion I was ever a part of. Unlike Crabb, Blackaby’s stories all ended so well. I also thought there was an element that if we do something (fill in the blank) then God would bless you for that. I was so discouraged and felt like I was prepared to use God after that study. Sorry.

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