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Hopelessly Religious

December 12, 2012

“Only God has the love we need, yet we’ve turned away from him, except to demand convenient instructions and cooperative help. So we manage every relational encounter with self-need as our ultimate value. We talk about topics we can handle. We try to build our mate’s self-esteem so we can feel good about ourselves. We pout so friends will ask what’s wrong. We tell jokes to keep from revealing loneliness. Self-need plus self-management, a spirit of entitlement and an attitude of independence, become the foundation of our lives, the bottom layer of ice. We become hopelessly religious.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, SoulTalk, Page 126

Questions for Reflection:
What resonates in you as you read this?
How do you self-protect in your relationships?

One Comment
  1. James B. Cole permalink

    Wow! I will first say that since I have been reading Dr. Crabb’s books I think of myself as so far away from God it is not funny. Another thing I wil say I will not comment totaly on the first statement because it seems as though he is not encouraging marriage and I know he is not. God’s love is most important in our lives, no doubt and I think when we seek man’s love above his we make him less important and everyone else important.
    I do accept the truth of how selfish I am, I know it. I do fight with the spirit of entitlement and the attitude of independance. Because of all the mess I had been through growing up, I feel sometimes that I deserve a break… and at times I tell Father how angry I am with him because he doesnt see it my way. Even though I know my life is the way that it is because of my personal choices to please myself with what was given to me. If I am feeling bad, I tell people and tell them please dont feel sorry for me. I did this to myself. And I grudgedly accept that God may never turn it around to the way I want him to. One thing I do say to God is: You are good! Everything you do is right and just. I know you love me because you demonstrated it to me on the cross and my circumstances do not determine your love. I am finally accepting the fact that this present world that I know is never going to change for the better it is only going to get worse, people will as well. So I fix my hope totally on the return of Jesus as I live here on earth. Thanks for alowing me to share.

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