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NewWay’s School of Spiritual Direction

December 3, 2012

This week long intensive for 30 students in a retreat setting is an opportunity to understand and experience how the Spirit works deep in our souls to spiritually form us: and learn and practice a way of following the Spirit in others to arouse and direct their hunger for God.


Led by Larry Crabb and two colleagues, the School of Spiritual Direction course offers a model of spiritual direction that draws on both the age-old wisdom of the church and more recent perspectives that Dr. Crabb calls the Passion/Wisdom Model of Spiritual Direction. Larry sees this course as offering the opportunity for our interior worlds and supernatural reality to meet. This model offers a conceptual understanding of t
Teaching, worship, personal interaction, group dialogue, reflection, prayer, journaling, and instruction in the process of spiritual direction fills our days together.he private and often confusing world beneath the surface of our everyday lives and a rhythmic strategy for following the Spirit into the depths of people’s souls, including our own. That is where God’s Spirit is moving us into the Father’s presence and into the light of the Son so that we can (1) enjoy God, (2) accept ourselves, and (3) engage with others in the energy of Christ.

The objective of the School of Spiritual Direction (SSD) is not to professionally prepare people for vocational ministry. It is to encourage Christians to consider the enormous value of spiritual direction and to equip a handful of selected people to engage in meaningful, powerful, soul-shaping conversations with folks who long to move through life’s challenges into a deeper relationship with God.

Dr. Crabb persuaded that the absence of such conversations in so many of our lives is significantly responsible for the all too common distance and shallowness in our experience of God. Paul speaks of a NEW WAY to live in Romans 7:6. He calls it the “new way of the Spirit”. Larry understands spiritual direction to involve the supernatural work of relating to others in a way that guides them into the new way to think, live, and relate that the gospel makes possible.

If your interest has been confirmed in your heart to the point where you wish to apply for possible participation in one of the courses, you can do so at our main web site, There will be four week-long School of Spiritual Direction events in 2013: two in North Carolina, and two in Colorado. You can get more details here. Registration for all four events is now open.

Whether or not you apply for participation, we covet your prayer support. Never has Larry felt so strongly compelled to begin new initiatives with the prayer that the Spirit will usher in a reformation in living the New Way with New Covenant resources.

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