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Developing Godly Passion

November 28, 2012

“Godly passion develops when we face what is true about the way we relate to others, including God, and yearn to relate differently. The exposure of bad ruling passions and the surfacing of good dormant passions most powerfully occurs as we tell our stories to one another in the presence of God, deliberately choosing to be open to his work of shattering and rebuilding.

Dr. Larry Crabb, Finding God, Pages 196-197

Question for Reflection:
How has telling your story changed the way you relate to others and to God?

  1. James B. Cole permalink

    Sharing my story to some people is hard, it is easy to share with people that I was molested, a drug addict, and even homeless as a result of my addiction but to tell people that I had slept with men willfully and as a means to get drugs and while using drugs I forced a woman to have sex with me is hard for fear of rejection. Confessing those sins were hard at first. But there are times I tell God I regret my actions and for what I did to people. Opening up to Father is easier than man.

  2. James B. Cole permalink

    I have found that most people can’t handle the truth about the depths of sin that God has bought us from. So we lie, mislead or hide the truth for fear of what they might think. We think worldy, my past has made me and I will never change, not totally belleiving in a holy God that promised to change us from the inside out. It is a long hard road, how I wish it was done in an instant, but glad it isnt.

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