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Drifting Away From Absolute Reliance On the Lord

November 21, 2012

“We need a clear understanding of precisely how God wants to meet our need for security. Christians have no difficulty in talking about the sufficiency of Christ. To radically depend on Him to meet every need is quite another matter. Without noticing what is happening, sincere believers drift away from absolute reliance on the Lord, and while continuing to assert the adequacy of Jesus, begin looking to others rather than to the Lord for satisfaction of their personal needs.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Basic Principles of Biblical Counseling, Page 65

Questions for Reflection:

How have you “drifted” away from reliance on the Lord?
What are the repercussions of looking to others to satisfy your needs rather than the Lord?

One Comment
  1. Basma Stone permalink

    My reliance on the Lord compared to my reliance on the nearest to me has taught me a bitter lesson that I hope never to forget. After reading Dr Crabb’s book, “Shattered Dreams” I now am beginning to understand why God has allowed so much pain in my life. I have read the book in a week and am on the next one on,” Basic Principles of Biblical Counselling.” I have been telling a lot of people about the ideas in the,”Shattered Dreams” book which I think is a reference book to refer to again and again to check one’s self that one is on the right track. How much pain could have been averted if the principles of this book were followed. However, better late than never! Jesus has become even more precious than ever and by His grace I am learning to accept sorrow and pain if this is the path to knowing Him better, loving Him more and serving Him faithfully.

    I am indebted to Dr Crabb and I am now praying for him and his ministry that he may be mightily used of God to help people become aware of what revival is all about. It is not about speaking in tongues that matters but knowing God in the true sense of the word. God bless you Dr Crabb.


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