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Joy of Discovery vs. Passion to Explain

September 26, 2012

“There is an enormous difference between the joy of discovery and the passion to explain. The former gives life a sense of adventure. The latter makes us hate mystery.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, Connecting, Page 112

Questions for Reflection:
What stirs in you as you read this?
Where does your confidence come from? God or yourself?

  1. akemi permalink

    Hi…first time here.
    …sometimes when my answer comes so fast, I pull back and look from another angle & recheck…but not in this case. My confidence comes from God, Christ & the Holy Spirit.
    I apologize if the first part of the question comes from your book Dr Crabb (one I have not read-yet). If it is a general question of the joy one receives from the discovery of new growth in God, and then possibly trying to convey that to someone.
    I love the whole experience…it feels like stepping into a crisp pond. Mystery? Yes-but totally positive adventure.
    Thanks…now I will (as time allows) go back and read as far back as you go.

  2. I love “Shattered Dreams,” and am loving “The Pressure’s Off.” These books affirm that what I am discovering through the Lord is indeed what he is doing in me right now.
    But the question on this little blog entry puzzles me. As a preacher, the Joy of Discovery is my passion, but it is usually followed by the passion to communicate what I have discovered. They are two sides of the same coin. They are both joy, both adventure.
    I agree, I don’t get the joy of discovery if I am just looking for a sermon point…but if and when I discover what the Lord is saying, I can hardly hold back from sharing it.

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