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When Our Spouses Annoy or Dissappoint Us

September 5, 2012

“When our mates annoy or disappoint us, we can consciously decide whether to remain committed to ministry or to retreat behind self-protective maneuvering. The natural reaction is a desire to reduce pain and to avoid similar events. We may flow with our impulses and pursue a course intended to make us more comfortable (or less comfortable), or we may consciously choose the goal of continued ministry regardless of personal cost. The decision before us is to manipulate with our needs in view or to minister with our partner’s needs in view.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, The Marriage Builder, Page 129

Questions for Reflection:
What prevents you from ministering to your partner during conflict?
Next time you are annoyed or disappointed with your spouse, how might your interactions look different if you remain committed to ministry?

One Comment
  1. ceeon permalink

    Remaining in ministry made all the difference in difficult situation. It takes a few minutes to remain focused on what God wants us to do. For me, it was easy for to reach ministry after confession of my sins and the reality of God’s patience, grace and mercy on me…

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