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Our Greatest Need

August 29, 2012

“Let’s be clear. Our greatest need is not better community in our small groups or better preaching from our pulpits. Our greatest challenge is not to Christianize secular culture into accepting family values and biblical morals.

“Our greatest need is for a fresh encounter with God that exposes sin as repulsive and reveals as repulsive sin our determination to make this life work, no matter how spiritually we may go about it.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, The Pressure’s Off, Page 51

Question for Reflection:
What might a fresh encounter with God look like?

  1. Ken Crabb permalink

    How do people ever read Dr. Crabb’s (Dad) writings and assume he believe humanity is the center? He has been mis-quoted and taken out of context for far too long. Dr. Crabb’s unique message elevates the Bible to the highest authority and fully understands biblical sufficiency, while at the same time dealing with the specifics of the battle in peoples’ souls that most theologians never explore.

  2. Peg Cornett permalink

    Why is it so difficult for me to see my wretchedness? What does it look like, how does it feel. That word, wretchedness, even as a child when I sang it in well know hyms, seemed to refer to something terribly bad, from the core, a horrible monster, certainly not me. Now, 40 plus years later, I recently had two fresh encounters with the Holy Spirit, clearly giving me two glimpses into my own wretchedness. I then experienced, perhaps for the first time, brokenness over my inability to even control one judging thought! Each brief moment, probable less than 30 seconds, I experienced delight in finally knowing (with no doubt) wow, the thought I just had is wretched, and brokenness realizing how I hated it and was repulsed by it. I acknowledged how powerless I was and how much I needed God.

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