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Following Christ Is a Wild Adventure, Not a Stroll in the Park

July 25, 2012

“I have learned to appreciate my father’s willingness to let God be the mystery that he is and, with eyes wide open, to pursue him, not with the precision of a crossword puzzle fanatic but with the reckless passion of a pilot flying into the Bermuda Triangle. Following Christ is a wild adventure full of risk, frustration, excitement, and setbacks. It is not an evening stroll in a planned community along a well-manicured path.”

Dr. Larry Crabb, God of My Father, Pages 149-150

Questions for Reflection:
Is it difficult for you to accept the mystery of God?
Who have you seen pursue God with “reckless passion” and what did that look like?

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  1. Marcia permalink

    Yes absolutely I find it difficult to accept the mystery of God. I have also been working through Dan Allender’s Wounded Heart materials which has been necessary for a season probably having only brushed the surface at this point. But now, I seem to be on the eve of wanting to trust God because what else does a person do with the type of stuff Allender has written about in his materials? If even I avoid destroying myself (and I assume I am fortunate enough to even have started on walking down that path) continuing to live life knowing God will allow evil doesn’t prompt me to pursue Him with reckless passion quite ye – evil isn’t something you mess with. It is a startling realization however to know that God’s presence is by far the only reason we exist (if I am getting it and I will be starting on my second read through The Pressure’s Off – what a relief!). On the last question, I am not sure I know people who have pursued God with reckless passion but I may need to develop a more discerning eye to recognize it especially as I surface (I hope) from just plain woundedness.

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