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Praying To Know God

July 4, 2012

“For the first time in my life, I like to pray. I don’t find it boring. And it’s because I’m now seeing that relational prayer, praying to know God and to enjoy being known by Him, supplies the right kind of passion for petitionary and thanksgiving prayers, for asking God to give me what I desire and for thanking Him for every blessing I receive.”

Larry Crabb, The PAPA Prayer, Page 19

Question for Reflection:
What stirs in you as you read this?
Do you pray to know God or simply to ask him for things?

One Comment
  1. Bella permalink

    What stirs in me as I read this.. Hmmm…I long for the day that I can also declare this. especially as I struggled in prayer with my thoughts drifting as I tried to unpack my mind and reflect on the barriers in my spirit that were keeping me from focusing on God…stopping to confess sin that He revealed and the selecting a devotion and scripture and struggling to get beyond surface reading but to really meditate…. as I write this I now wonder if that is all part of the process of getting to know him and be known by him – but not sure why I still felt some boredom in the moment as well… nonetheless, I thank you for sharing and for the reflection pointers…

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