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NewWay Ministries Prayer Initiative

June 28, 2012

Colorado Wildfires

June 27, 2012

As most of you are aware, our beautiful state of Colorado currently has several wildfires. Thank you for your emails and phone calls expressing concern over our ministry. Fortunately, for us, the fires have not spread to Silverthorne where our office is based. HOWEVER, the beautiful Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs is in danger. We’ve partnered with the Glen for years and the staff is like family to us. Many of you that have come through our schools have felt just how sacred this land is.

As of Monday, June 25, authorities were confident that they could save the Glen Eyrie and Eagle Lake (their sister camp).

We ask that you please pray for those affected by the wildfires and for LOTS OF RAIN for the entire state. While Silverthorne is not in immediate danger, the wildfires could easily spread in this direction.

The National Day of Prayer Task Force recently sent out an email informing people of the situation and inviting people to join in prayer. Please read below.

Warmly in Christ,
Darla for the “Little Team”


June 27, 2012

On Saturday, June 23, the Waldo Canyon Fire erupted on the northwestern part of Colorado Springs – a city and region that is home to more than 600,000 people and the headquarters to more than 100 ministries including the National Day of Prayer (NDP) Task Force. This fire quickly spread without hindrance igniting tree after tree, consuming the earth with every passing minute – growing rapidly in size and without clear direction due to high winds. Over the past few days it has more than tripled in size, passing into neighborhoods, and completely destroying historical landmarks. We’ve seen dozens of homes destroyed, over 32,000 people displaced, and close to 16,000 acres consumed – and the fires are still burning! We have loaded some pictures to our Facebook page (taken from our office window) to give you a better sense of the size and proximity to the city.

Fires are raging across the Midwest throughout Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado. This recent addition, the Waldo Canyon Fire, only compounds the issue as we deplete firefighting resources while families are impacted across these very dry states. Conditions are creating the perfect storm – high heat, drought, and high winds. To top things off, deployed aircraft were turned around, at one point, while fighting another fire in western Colorado due to a meteor shower. Obviously, there is little more to add other than it is time to pray with great earnestness that the Lord would provide relief from the elements.

Please join us for this critical and powerful time of prayer. In the midst of such devastation, the NDP Task Force is engaged in offering what support we can to our local community. We are helping to provide assistance through Care and Share and Mercy’s Gate, two local organizations that are providing much needed food and supplies to those who have been evacuated and displaced during this time of crisis. We are also working with the team at Convoy of Hope as they prepare to join in on local relief. Please keep all of these efforts in your prayers!

John Bornschein
Vice Chairman 
National Day of Prayer Task Force
Facebook page 

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